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Fanning Powder for Playing Cards

Fanning Powder for Playing Cards

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Do your playing cards clump together when you spread them?

Magicians spend a fortune on playing cards. After all, they are the core tool in every magician's kit. Keeping them looking and feeling good can be hard work. Moisture and dirt take their toll on the cards over time and older cards become less responsive and clump together
Adding a small pinch of fanning powder to the surface of your cards, even old worn out decks, will make a radical difference. The cards become smooth and the control handling. If you do card manipulation, fanning powder is essential to make sure you get a perfect spread and fan. Our Fanning powder is Standard and Specially Made For Magicians Only.

Used my professional magicians who need to make sure their card technique is the best it can be!
- Check The Product Pictures for Actual Quantity and bottle.

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