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Egg Bag Magic

Egg Bag Magic

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MilesMagic Magician’s Egg Bag Trick | Egg Vanishing Gimmick | Appearing Disappearing Eggs Bag | Close Up Egg Routines Effect Street or Stage Comedy Magic Tricks

Effect- A solid egg is shown and is inserted into the bag.
The egg can be made to vanish and re-appear at will, even though the bag is turned inside out, and shown empty.

This is a classic routine performed by all the best in the magic community. Every magician should learn this routine and have it in their repertoire. You never know when you might need a funny, time-proven routine for that next gig!

A magic prop that has been used by some of the greats of Magic, and one of the favorites, that has survived over many many decades. This bag is well made for many years of trouble-free use. If you can hold the egg bag, you can do the trick!

A perfect gift for all those who are interested in performing entertaining magic tricks on friends and family. Or gift to anyone for kids show, street magic souvenir, stage shows, birthday parties, halloween etc.

Supplied complete with a solid plastic egg that outlasts the normal wooden eggs used with this, and details for handling and routine.

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