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Drop Out No Drop Gimmick

Drop Out No Drop Gimmick

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Drop Out is a classic pocket item, easy to perform, and highly puzzling to the un-initiated. The performer displays a small bottle with a hole on one side. A steel ball is placed in the hole, and the bottle inverted. Whenever the magician does this, the ball does not drop out of the hole, defying the laws of gravity. Whenever a spectator tries, it drops out.

We have a metal model of this in our range for many years. We have now produced a plastic model, at a fraction of the price of the metal one. And we supply you two bottles and steel balls in each set, so you can do a “Do As I Do routine”, having the spectator use one bottle and you use the other. The ball in your bottle stays suspended, and the one in the spectator’s bottle always falls out. Exchange bottles and repeat this as often as you like.

Drop Out No Drop Out comes to you complete with the two bottles and balls, and full working instructions. Carry it in your pocket and use any time, any place.

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