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Detection Bags

Detection Bags

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This is a close-up version of a classic Maurice Fogel effect.

You can perform many different routines with these utility bag sets. Best mentalism effect for closeup & parlor or even stage situations.

Imagine, while your back is turned, four spectators each pick a different flavored sweet and pop it into a bag. The bags are mixed and handed to you one at a time. Upon removing the sweet from the bag, you can instantly give it to the spectator who selected it. Not only is this effect totally amazing to your spectators, but it's also fun to perform and leaves them with a sweet souvenir!

Another possible routine is to call 4 or 5 people on stage handover a normal deck of cards and ask them to shuffle and select any card at random & keep it secret, now each one of them tears the corner of the card and put it in the bag and mix bags at random, yet magician will find an exact match of the torn corner of each card.

or just simply ask a few spectators to put their credit or debit card in bags while the magician's back is turned, and mix the bags. when the magician takes any bag removes the card and instantly handover it over to its owner.

These small bags can do many, many miracles on stage.

These are soft leather finished bags, long-lasting and easy to carry. Comes 5 bags in a pack with the video tutorial.

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