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Crashed Magic Trick

Crashed Magic Trick

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A hot item from Blackpool Conference 2024

This is a new black technology magic that combines phone crash and recovery. What's more important is that you can borrow the audience's mobile phone to perform this incredible performance!

The magician jokes with the audience that the iPhone is said to be very smooth, but the iPhone I used before would always freeze, like this... and asks the audience to take out their mobile phones to demonstrate.

The magician snaps his fingers, and the phone immediately makes a beeping sound, and the screen begins to flash and "crash". The magician uses an air gesture to switch applications on the phone, and says that even if the phone malfunctions now, the desktop can be used normally, and we can capture this "embarrassing moment" with the camera.

When the audience asks the magician what to do in this situation? The magician jokes that it is free to watch the show, but I will charge $100 to repair your mobile phone! Then he puts the phone back into the hands of the audience and snaps his fingers, and then everything returns to normal.

In order to verify that what just happened was real, the magician asks the audience to open the phone album and look at it, and they find that there is a photo that was taken under the crashed condition.

- A hot item from Blackpool Conference 2024
- Perform anytime, no software is required
- Brand new black technology mobile phone magic

Note: For use with iPhones only. Comes with a special plastic durable chip and instructional video.

General Questionaire:
1. Do we have to use our iPhones to perform this trick?
Ans – No, you don't have to use your phone or have an iPhone to perform this trick.

2. Is it an electronic device?
Ans – No, it is not an electronic device

3. Does this work with all iPhones?
Ans – it works with iOS 13 and above version phones.

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