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Cigarette Through Card - Red

Cigarette Through Card - Red

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Deception taken to new heights!

A spectator freely selects a card from a deck. The performer passes a borrowed cigarette right through the middle of the card, then tosses the card out for examination. And there isn’t a mark on the card, (or it wouldn’t be magic !).

An absolutely incredible penetration effect, made possible by the special gimmick card supplied. The cigarette goes through the gimmick, but the routine makes it appear it went right through the selected card.

Similar to the famous Cigarette Through Coin, and equally effective, suitable for street/table hopping/close up. Easy to master, instant reset and can be adapted to chosen/signed card.

This is an easy trick, but because it involves using a cigarette, we recommend this trick (if a cigarette is used) for adults only. However, it can also be performed with a drinking straw, a rolled up dollar bill, or any other rod that fits.

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