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Comedy Magic Light Bulb - Magnetic Ring Model

Comedy Magic Light Bulb - Magnetic Ring Model

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MilesMagic The Magic Lamp Trick (PK RING MODEL VERSION)

This model features a mechanism at the bottom which lights up the bulb by using a ring or any other related gimmick.

The Magic Lamp, (a.k.a. the Comedy Bulb) is an excellent gag item for magicians, MCs, or anyone wishing to show-off a novel prop. To all appearances this is a regular light bulb, but you can make it light up in your hands whenever you wish.

This model of the Magic Lamp uses a super bright LED that will not fuse like ordinary torch bulbs, uses far less current, allowing each set of batteries to last a very long time, and gives a brighter diffused glow over the entire bulb, enabling you to present this under normal light conditions, and not just in a dimly lit room. (The photos show the result under normal light conditions).

Supplied complete with batteries (which can be replaced when required), and a page of ideas to get the best use of this great comedy prop.
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