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Color Changing Paddles

Color Changing Paddles

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A small pocket trick that can amaze any audience !!

Two paddles are in your hands. One has a white spot, the other a black spot. In a blink, you make the white spot turn black and the black spot turns white! But wait a minute- your spectator thinks that all you did was twirl the paddles to show the other sides. He thinks the white spot has a black spot on the back, and the black spot has a white spot on the back.

And now the magic happens! Suddenly the black spot turns yellow, and the white spot turns blue! AND THAT'S NOT ALL! Finally, the blue spot turns red, and the yellow spot turns purple! Yes, it happens RIGHT UP CLOSE!

They won't believe their eyes! Easy to learn, and lots of fun!

Finished in plated chrome for a touch of class, with all the necessary “gimmicks” and instructions. There is nothing to add or steal – the special apparatus does it all.

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