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Cash to Credit Card Gimmick

Cash to Credit Card Gimmick

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EFFECT : Magician shows a Dollar Note (bill) clearly on both sides and folds it between his hands. The note magically changes to a credit card, which he again shows clearly on both sides.

The imaginative performer will find various presentation angles for this effect. For example – you went to buy something, and offered to pay, but the money was not enough. So you transform it to a credit card, which covers it all.
Or you went to make a purchase in a small place in a foreign land, where they would not accept this strange looking money. So you changed it to a credit card – which they recognize around the world !

This item is the creation of Magician G. Sreenivas of Kakinada. It is very easy to perform, and very effective, as both sides of the bill and credit card are shown. It is entirely self-contained, with nothing to steal or add. You can carry it in your pocket, for use any time.

Complete with required apparatus and instructions.

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