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Brick of 12 Bee Jumbo Index 6 Red & 6 Blue Decks

Brick of 12 Bee Jumbo Index 6 Red & 6 Blue Decks

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“Bee”® Jumbo Index Playing Cards (1 Brick)

Get our classic “Bee”® playing cards with a Jumbo Index that will give you a clear read during the quick glances to your hand during a competitive game.

The Jumbo Index is great for children’s card games as well, teaching them the suits, numbers and letters. Classic “Bee” design with a Jumbo Index for an easy read. Big and bold is the name of this game.

These linen finish playing cards are Bee 77 Super Index Playing Cards - Casino Grade are used in most major casinos and available in both blue or red backs. If you are looking for a high quality playing cards this is it The cards have excellent quality graphics, shuffle easily and feel very substantial. Measures 2.5 x 3.5 inches Poker Size

- Jumbo index
- Available in red and blue decks
- Linen finish
- Highest casino quality

What you will Get : Six Blue Decks & Six Red Decks
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