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Billy Benbow's Best by Bill Lainsbury - Book

Billy Benbow's Best by Bill Lainsbury - Book

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Not many books contain material that is for family-friendly audiences, but Billy Benbow's Best does just that! This volume is full of comedy, effects, and routines that any worker can use for stand-up or stage.

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  • The Benbo Treasure Chest
  • The Chinese Wedding
  • The Haunted Cottage (or Ghost of Rope End)
  • Postscript to Supremes' Magic Gardener
  • Robby, the Mindreading Rabbit
  • Roy Johnson's 'On the Slate' routine for Children
  • Prelude to Supremes' Percy Postman
  • Streamlined Elusive Rabbits
  • The Benbo Washing Machine
  • Supremes' 'Whirl Away Wand' Gag
  • What's in a Name?
  • The Games Master Revisited: Wind the Wool; Blind Man's Treasure; Mummies
  • The Magic Silk Shaker
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