Bicycle TCC Rainbow V2 Mandolin Edition Deck

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LIMITED EDITION: Only 5000 printed! Will not be reprinted.

Fresh and sweet, each one of them is riotous with color.

TCC × BICYCLE, printed by USPCC

Bicycle® Rainbow V2 Playing Cards

You are most probably familiar with Bicycle® playing cards. You can see them in different videos, magic shows, cardistry performances or in someone's collection. You can even find them in an unremarkable store just down the street! For most of people, the first playing cards they think of is the Bicycle® brand.

On the back are flowers, floral scrolls, butterflies, peacock feathers, and angels holding a mandolin (809). All 56 cards, with the standard BICYCLE® style and watercolor rainbow pattern on the face and back, are extremely beautiful.

Bicycle® Rainbow V2 Playing Cards inherited the classic design of Bicycle®. The front features a signature Bicycle logo and goddess, with the Ace of Spades as background.

These cards are similar to what you've experienced before, but yet are different in details if you observe carefully.

Bicycle® Rainbow V2 Playing Cards uses dispersed watercolor as the decoration for the back design. The watercolor flow makes the whole deck fresh, sweet, luxuriant, colorful and full of change.

It's not the typical kind of rainbow deck -- the traditional one just gathers various color backs into one deck. This one is quite special!

  • Printed by USPCC
  • Bicycle Rider Back
  • Watercolor style colorful back design
  • Limited to 5000
  • Each one of them is unique
  • Standard Poker size
  • Air cushion finish
  • Very thin
  • High quality paper