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Astro Sphere - Mini Size

Astro Sphere - Mini Size

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Imagine the reaction of your audience as the silver ball floats around by itself!

A classic of magic that now anyone can perform.

With the transparent cloth there everyone can see there is nothing holding it. Can you really believe what your eyes are seeing?

This is the 'mini' version with a 3 inch silver ball - but the perfect size for a service, assembly or group.

Effect: A 3 inch metal ball has a transparent silvered cloth is placed over it. With a magic word the ball slowly rises and moves around and then in front of the cloth! Moving from side to side, up and down before coming down to rest in your hand.

Can be performed almost anywhere - and is one of those few tried and tested effects that generations of magicians have found ALWAYS gets a great response.

Gospel Presentation
Great fun at Christmas - looks like you're floating a giant Christmas bauble through a stary sky- and then move to talk about the Christmas star that lead the way to the stable.

- Ideal for the beginner everything is included for a quick start.
- Unbreakable metal ball gives you confidence in using the props
- The transparent fabric makes the effect even more baffling!

A stunning effect! As you can see the ball floating freely behind, in front of and above the transparent cloth this is even more mesmerizing than the floating Zombie Ball - which uses a heavy black cloth and different gimmick.

Find out for yourself why the floating ball has been WOWing audiences across the world.

You will receive: Metal ball 3 inch diameter, transparent designed cloth (19 inch square), gimmick, and printed instructions for professional handling and presentation.
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