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Angel Book with Envelope Gimmick

Angel Book with Envelope Gimmick

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MilesMagic Angel Book Gimmick Mind Prediction Mentalism Booklet with Envelope Magic Trick

Effect - The magician has a pocket-size booklet in his hand, in which there are pictures of the beautiful angels. The magician asks an audience to come on a stage to choose one of the most beautiful angels. The magician shows the booklet to an audience with the beautiful pictures of girls and asks the person to open the booklet from anywhere randomly and have a quick look at his selection.

In the following of the show, a person does whatever the magician says, and opens the booklet, the audience is shocked to see a very old 90-year-old woman that has chosen.

An entertaining comedy and marvelous magic trick to amaze the audience.

We have provided an additional 90-year-old woman picture with an envelope so you can also make this as a prediction effect.

Booklet size – 3 ½ inch x 4 ½ inch

Comes with printed instruction.
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