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3D Diy Roman Numerals Wall Clock - Gold

3D Diy Roman Numerals Wall Clock - Gold

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Luxurious vintage quartz movement battery operated mechanism. This Antique design free shaped frameless wall-clock crafted for customized decoration to look amazing on any office room, living room, bedroom or hall walls.

Features and Specifications: This clock can be attached directly to the walls, ceramic tiles, window . User-friendly and easy to install. Also, for easier removing, hair dryer can be used before peeling off from the wall. Impress your friends with different time display clock for home decoration.

Specifications: Brand New
Certification: CE Material Mirrors face, Alloy clock
Material: Acrylic (not metal just look like metallic)
Inner Diameter: 10cm / 4"
Hour hand: 15.5cm / 6"
Minute hand: 19.5cm / 7.6"
Battery: AA 1.5v (Batteries are Not included)

Specification: The clock finishing size is depends on your preference to decorate your wall, the minimum achieving is: 50-70cm / 19"-27".

Kindly Tips: This product is ideal for smooth walls, grey walls or wallpaper wall will cause the adhesive properties of the surface behind stickers decrease. Part of the wallpaper or easy to swap grey walls, please bring your own strong sticky glue for auxiliary installations.

How to Install:
1. Select decorated walls, clean surface.
2. Peeled off the wall stickers , according to the renderings and paste it on the wall gently.
3. Press the wall stickers once again will be better.
4. Installed in the back of the clock drawing with an AA battery, then adjusted the time.
5. According to the renderings selected clock drawing hanging, hang the clock drawing.

A unique stylish decorative clock which you will not find anywhere. Easy to install, this clock is made up of industrial quality plastic is painted with uttermost colours.

Please Note: Not real metal, just look like metallic.
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