Virtuoso The Virts V3 Spring/Summer 2015 Deck

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Virtuoso Spring/Summer 2015 Playing Cards

Developed around the visual nature of Cardistry, the Virtuoso deck features an innovative design architecture that we call Adaptive Aesthetics – an innovative back design that gives the appearance of swirling shapes, changing colours, and connecting patterns to visual enhance every card flourish you perform.

Each deck is also crafted with the finest casino-grade materials, and features handling characteristics optimised according to the demands of top card handlers in the world. Completely custom-designed from fact to back, the result is a deck of cards with unprecedented form and function – the first and only deck designed for the art of card flourishing.

For the Spring/Summer 2015 seasons, the Virtuoso deck receives subtle yet powerful refinements that push Adaptive Aesthetics forward while still giving a nod to the classics.

Featuring a bold new colorway, the deck playfully plays homage to the colours of traditional playing cards by juxtaposing modern hues of red and blue on its back design. Starkly contrasted with shards of light grey, the geometric colour configuration produces more vibrant patterns than before, making all your flourishes look more visual than ever. Simple yet expressive, contemporary yet timeless: This is the SS15 Virtuoso deck.