Sparkling Flash Cotton

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Sparkling Flash Cotton (8gm) Dry Pack

This is Magicians Sparkling Flash Cotton. Produce sparkle flames from your fingertips. The cotton ignite into a brilliant flame when touched by a lighter or match. Can be used for dozens of magic effects where the performer requires the extra touch of producing or vanishing items in a bright blaze.

Once ignited they disappear in a powerful display of fire. Made out from the same premium quality as Standard Flash Cotton, with a sparkling effect added on. Perfect for use in the Flint Flasher, Flash Guns or any other ignition device. It burns quickly and completely with no ash or smoke and its ideal for close up or stage performances.

Flash Cotton Weight: 8 Grams (approximately) & Comes without instruction sheet.

FIRE TRICKS sold ONLY to ADULTS age 18 or older.