Snow Leopard NOC Deck

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The 4th deck in the NOC Signature Series, the Snow Leopards are just as rare and beautiful as their namesake. Originally intended just as a promotional item, We have gotten our hands on the LAST case of these elegant cards. When they're gone, they're GONE.

The Snow Leopards have a beautiful side-opening pearlescent paper tuck box with gold foil stamping. The cards themselves are a relaxing champagne color with a striking black border. This extra border also hides the NOCs devious secret - this is the most minimalist marked deck you can find!

The Snow Leopard Deck was made to commemorate the NOC Signature Series rare nature. Always going "extinct", selling out in days. This rare deck, and rare color, offers an elegant feel when in your hands. Whether for magic or cardistry, one thing is for sure- Snow Leopards definitely pop out!

Printed by Expert Playing Card Co on Master finish for terrific handling and longevity. Includes 52 cards and 2 identical Jokers.