Set of 2 Stockholm No.17 (Bicycle Branded & Unbranded) Decks

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Stockholm №17 (V.02) - Bicycle branded and unbranded Playing Cards

№17 Playing Cards funded with Kickstarter. This is the improved version of the one showcased below (V.01).

It will be Bicycle Branded. printed by United States Playing Card Company. As stretch goal there will be the unbranded №17 with white backs.

- Pokers size
- Printed on Bicycle paper
- 12 Illustrated Courts
- 4 Decorated Giant Aces
- Custom Pips
- 2 Jester for Jokers
- 2 Gaff Cards
- Custom Designed Tuck-Case
- Custom Seal

Sterling Silver Ace of Spades handcrafted in South Africa by The House of Kallie, (NOT INCLUDED)