Odyssey Deck

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The much anticipated Odyssey Playing Cards - solely designed for extreme Cardistry

Inspired by the Orion’s Nebula, the Odyssey Playing Cards will transform the way you feel magic and cardistry. Giving you a brand new idea about what is a deck of cards.

With a shocking, minimalist, elegant, flashy and unique style, this deck will evoke your feelings. It’s perfect for fanning out, displays, cuts with one or two hands, color changes and spreads on a table. Located at the Orion’s Belt, the nebula with the same name shows a wide range of lively colors and some exotic tonalities which are the result of the radiation from its own stars.

This is something that I wanted to capture in the Odyssey so that just by picking up this deck you transfer above a 1000 light years. Besides, the back is provided with a white diagonal stripe giving the cards symmetry in their style. This classy stripe will allow you to perform the best and most shocking displays both on table and in your hands, being able to create and discover shapes and figures hidden inside its impressive silhouette.

LIMITED EDITION (no reprints).

General features:
- 52 playing Cards + 2 jokers
- Poker size.
- Magic Finish.
- Classic paper stock.
- Totally personalized.
- Transparent security band.
- Printed in Taiwan.
- Produced by Hanson Chien Production Co.
- Extremely Limited