No.18 Dougherty's Triplicate RED Deck

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1876, A.Dougherty Triplicate Playing Cards Restoration Deck by USPCC

The Triplicate No.18 deck was the first of its kind. Andrew Dougherty was granted a U.S. Patent for the Triplicate feature which was a miniature card placed in the top left and bottom right corners. It was a revolution in the way cards could be held and viewed. The decorative ace of spades and the wrapper for the first No.18 Triplicate deck showed a fanned hand of cards with the triplicate miniature indices viewable on each card.

The United States Playing card company has worked with us during the restoration of this beautiful piece of history. We have been working with USPCC for over 6 months researching archives, designing and formatting. Hundreds of hours have been put into re-drawing the art for these cards to bring this treasure back to life.

The tuck box, back design and ace of spades have been approved by the United States playing card company as the restored art work for the deck. A. Dougherty? is a registered trademark of The United Stated Playing Card Company.