NDO: School of Cardistry V1 Deck

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School of Cardistry v1 Playing Cards

Product Description by New Deck Order:
52 non-standard playing cards, for the purpose of card flourishing only. Educate people about the amazing world of Cardistry.

The backs feature a hand-drawn design inspired by traditional playing card back designs, while the faces feature a contemporary look, made to accentuate your Cardistry. The cards are printed on high-quality stock with NDO’s legacy finish and double varnishing.

As Cardists, we have come across many problems explaining our art to laymen. People often think that just because we are holding a deck of playing cards, we are gambling. Or they ask us to show them a magic trick.

At the rate Cardistry is growing as an art, it’s about time we had something to call our own. A deck of cards made only for card flourishing.

The School of Cardistry deck is made in conjunction with School of Cardistry, our YouTube channel with free Cardistry tutorials for absolute beginners. The mission of School of Cardistry is to provide a one-stop channel for beginners to progress through the basics of Cardistry with ease. The channel has seen remarkable growth over the last year, with over 10,000 subscribers to date and is growing steadily every day.

We wanted the School of Cardistry deck to have a classic and timeless feel, along with a contemporary touch. To achieve this look, we worked with Singaporean designer Marcus Lim from SVNTY, whose works have been featured on StyleCaster, Macworld, Vanichi and The Business Times.

The designs are completely hand-drawn. The back design is inspired by traditional playing card backs, featuring Cardistry moves on top of intricate details. The face design takes on a modern look, inspired by court cards. It was made to accentuate spinning flourishes, flowing movements, as well as large, multi-card displays.

The cards are printed on high-quality stock, with NDO’s legacy finish and double varnishing.