Morgan Dollar 1879 Replica Golden Finish Coin

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The Morgan silver dollar was issued up until 1922 and makes a first class coin for coin tricks and coin magic generally.

It is named after the man who designed it. But you can't just order them from stock - they haven't been made for over ninety years. The real golden Morgan dollars are now very rare.

This is Replica of Original Morgan silver dollar in Golden finishing. This Golden finishing makes this coin elegant and antique. The re-milled edges make the coins super easy to classic palm.

Full Overview:
Our requirements for these coins were very specific in order to attain the qualities that coin magicians covet. Every detail had to be exact, the weight, the thickness, the edges & milling, the color of gold, the design detail, the glide, the noise...

Perfect for coin magic Trick. This Coin is 1 and 1/2 Inch in diameter.

Trick Contains : 1 Morgan Coin Golden Finish Dollar Size only, No Instruction sheet Supplied. you can use this coin to perform coins tricks.