Mirage V2 Dawn Edition Deck

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This new Dawn Edition implements many new features and design changes that takes Mirage Playing Cards to the next level!
First off, the tuck case was printed with gold foil on a brand new premium pearlescent paper. This gives a metallic shine when light hits the box. Gold champagne ink covers the interior of the box, and closed with an all new gold perforated seal.
The Mirage emblem is depicted with the new crimson color, which compliments the Dusk edition perfectly.
The court cards are now all fully customized by Tomas Hlavaty. See your favorite magicians on the faces, such as Laura London, Calen Morelli, Eric Jones, and of course, Patrick Kun!

- Optical illusion back specially designed for both magic and cardistry
- Fully custom court cards by Tomas Hlavaty
- Comes in Juan Tamariz’s Mnemonica stack.
- Secret marking system. Know the card just by looking at the back!

Printed by the Legends Playing Card Company (LPCC), the Mirage deck features LPCC's Classic Finish card stock, a soft and 'papery' feeling stock which requires no break-in period. These cards are traditionally cut with Legends' Diamond Cut process, yielding ultra smooth edges that faro effortlessly from the bottom to top. With a silky coating and quality reminiscent of Bicycle #808 decks from the early 90's, MIRAGE is perfect for any card enthusiasts sleight of hand, Cardistry, or gambling needs. As is always the case with LPCC, the borders on these playing cards are registered to extremely tight tolerances, as their standards allow for zero imperfections.