Madison Revolvers RED Deck (Rare)

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Only 312 decks were sold of this very limited edition of Daniel Madison's latest deck. We've managed to locate a few of them to make them available to you. These decks are very limited and we only have a small quantity.

The feeling of the cards is excellent, & dealing from the bottom of the deck is VERY easy, using Brad's method from earlier DVDs. They are buttery enough for Extreme Handling, but rough enough for perfect control even with warm hands & fingers.

Each Face Card is different, leading me to believe these are based on real people...either magicians, or from Madison's personal life.

These cards have traditional Red & Black themes, so nobody will become too suspicious, like they might with Absinthe, Ghosts, or Tigers (any beautiful but unusual card may draw extra scrutiny.)

The backs are very intricate, and almost hypnotizing. Double Lifts & Color Changes are very simple, because the backs of the cards are so intricate it almost helps facilitate misdirection when you go for, say, a pass.

They look fancy, they look classy, they look like cards a business tycoon would use. People will love them.