Luna Moon Deluxe Edition Rare Deck

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Inspired by the various phases of the moon and it's historical significance in both Western and Chinese culture, Luna Moon: Deluxe Edition, produced by Bocopo Playing Cards Co, features a revolutionary tuck case that not only resonates with the theme and style of the cards concealed within, but pushes the boundaries of custom playing card design.

The different phases of the moon are built into the case through multiple layers of Kurz foil paper from Germany and Neenah Paper from France, all assembled by hand. The result is an incredibly visual display from a tuck case that, when fanned open, forces the cards to rise out of a central pocket.

The back of the cards is a view of the starry night sky looking into the Milky Way - splashes of indigo inks near the outer borders make for beautiful fans and astrological illustrations of the moon and sun add contrast to an elegant design.

Two non-identical jokers depicting the sun and moon are included accompanied by completely custom face cards. Court cards are drawn without faces leaving their appearance to your imagination and the Ace of Spades resembles beams of moonshine!

Limited to 2,500 and printed by The United States Playing Card Company. All Deluxe Editions are individually numbered and signed by creator, Kevin Yu.