Honeybee V1 No.15 Deck - Black

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It's time to give your moves and routines a boost of extra sweetness with Black Honeybee Playing Cards.

Designed by Randy Butterfield, the Honeybees are our nod to a traditional Bee-style deck. Instead of a diamond pattern, the deck features a borderless honeycomb pattern complete with 2 realistic honeybees walking on the back. You can almost taste the honey as you work with these cards!

The faces are traditional Bee-style faces with a custom Beehive Ace of Spades and Beekeeper Jokers. We've used a deep, high-roller red on the Hearts and Diamonds plus a new color scheme and background pattern on all of the court cards.

These cards handle like a DREAM. They are printed on US Playing Card's embossed Bee stock with their Grade-A "Magic" finish for ultimate fanning, spreading, durability, and longevity. They have also been traditionally cut (the blade goes through the face side) which makes table faro shuffles and other gambling moves significantly easier to accomplish.