Guy Hollingworth Burgundy Edition Deck

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Hollingworths, Burgundy Ed. Playing Cards
by Guy Hollingworth

It doesn't matter if they’re spread aboard a private jet, or in a penthouse on Park Ave - they’ll fit in. One year ago they released the emerald edition of the Hollingworth Monogram Deck. To those lucky enough to own a pack, They’re confident they share our sentiments that it is a modern classic — a deck drenched in sophistication. Today They’re proud to release the Hollingworth Monogram Deck in elegant burgundy.

Like the originals, the pack feels eight cards thinner than traditional Bicycles but maintains the integrity of our finish and quality. Featuring metallic gold details on both the cards and tuck-case, each deck gleams in the sunlight like scotch on the rocks. They’re sure you’ll agree that they belong in your back room, stashed away with passports and imported cigars, where fortunes are won and lost with the turn of a card.

Never before have they created a deck this luxurious. So the next time you put on that Savile Row suit, make sure there’s a pack of Hollingworths in the pocket - we know they’ll be in ours.

About Guy Hollingworth
Guy Hollingworth literally stunned the magic community with his appearance on the television show World’s Greatest Magic. His techniques and handling were innovative and flawlessly performed, fooling all and sundry. MAGIC Magazine quickly put the debonair performer on the cover with the caption "Who is this Guy?", as he had taken us all by by surprise. Mr. Hollingworth, it turned out, was a student in university, magic coming into his life not by any intense interest, but as a convenient way to avoid rugby practice!

He did some lectures, released some notes, even a limited edition video cassette of the fabled Reformation, his torn and restored card, as well as The London Collection and Routines videos. Everything was top notch and elegant. Then we heard that he had a book in the works. We waited with anticipation and were not disappointed. Drawing Room Deceptions came out, and it was truly wonderful. How he managed all of this, including illustrating the book himself, all while getting a number of degrees amongst other accomplishments, is beyond the ability of science to explain.