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Green Fontaine Playing Cards By Zach Mueller

Green Fontaines are the 5th deck of Fontaine Playing Cards by Zach Mueller. A limited run of 5,000 decks were printed by the USPCC. They sold out in 9 hours. Green Fontaines will not be re-stocked or re-printed. Once they are gone, they are gone.

Fontaine playing cards are used by some of the best cardists in the industry and have been featured in numerous commercial productions including the feature length film, Sleight. Past editions have sold out in a matter of hours only to show up on ebay for several hundred dollars almost immediately after.

Making cardistry videos and tutorials on YouTube channel has garnered over 76,000 subscribers from around the globe – cardists, magicians and those who just enjoy watching dope stuff. Some of our favorites include collaborations with Kuma Films, Status Silver, AXYZM, Japan Airlines and Activision.