Flying Nova Pro - Blue

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How To Play Flying Ball?
Turn on the power button and hold the fly ball upwards, then simply shake or pat to start! You can choose different angles and throw it to fly. The flying ball will fly back or forward with many different ways because of the reaction force from the wind and the gravity of itself - When you toss the flying toy upwards 30° to get flying, it will spins around its axis perpendicular to the direction of flight and fly back to you. Then you can catch it - Turn it downwards 30° and toss the flying orb under horizontal direction to get flying. It will fly travels steady in a straight line.

If you want to stop playing, just shake or pat this flying ball and stop the spinning. It's easy and safe. The enclosed wheel design can protect your hands while the toy fly.

Precautions Note:
1. This product does not include magic wands that need to be purchased separately.
2. This product is only intended for people over 6-years-old.
3. The built-in battery of this product cannot be replaced. Never wet and remove the battery.
4. Young children should not be allowed to charge the product.
5. Keep your hair away from the product, especially when the ball is spinning.
6. This product is soft and light, so generally it can be thrown at will without causing damage to people and items.