Erdnase X Madison GREEN Edition Deck

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The 'Expert At The Card Table' has ingrained itself into the tapestry of modern magic,

Making it's debut in the controversial but enlightening Erdnase x Madison project, this deck is ripped straight from the pages of Erdnase.

Colored in printing press black, the design is minimal but engaging. It has a meaningful story worth telling.

Previously locked away for Box Set owners, for the first time this covert treasure is now available to own in individual decks.

Best placed in the hands of a card mechanic who second deals in their sleep, it's a tactile regression into the history of magic.

NOTE: This is the rare Green Erdnase x Madison deck. Never released to the general public, only 2,500 were ever printed. 2,000 were included in Erdnase x Madison box sets and the remaining 500 decks are available to you HERE. These will never be re-printed. A true collectors item.