Dried Scorpion Surprise

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It can be used on birthday parties or at any other occasion.

Let a person scare a jump of greeting card, open please be careful oh, inside have a vicious scorpion!! HAHA!! Just kidding.

In fact, it's a 4-fold card with A4 paper, Inside there is a special rubber band that spins the rubber band, & when it's released, it makes a sound. Like there's a scorpion in the card!

IMAGINE: I am receiving a suspicious letter with a picture of the scorpion. When I opened it carefully, I was surprised to hear the sound of "Fuddeng" as if it contained a scorpion. Inside the letter is the message you want to deliver.

- Make: Reusable
- Size: 20.5*7.5 cm
- Weight: 33g