Circle X ORANGE Saturn Deck by USPCC

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Long story short, The person in China claimed the design and printed a orange version of Saturn Playing Cards. But, over 850 decks of these Saturns were sent to China and are now being sold as "real" Saturn Playing Cards..

These are also made by United States Playing Card Company weren't aware of the situation.

Here is the differences between orange saturns and golden yellow saturns:

These Saturns are Orange color while real Honeycomb Saturns are a golden yellow color.
These Saturns have an "X" placed on the middle of the deck.
These Saturns only have 6 lines/circles within the logo and real Saturns have 9 lines/circles.
These Saturns have a different box design that looks similar to TheVirts deck? The real box looks like the Red Octobers but with gold foil.