Chicken Nugget RED Deck

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Legend Reborn: Chicken Nugget Playing Cards (Red) Edition Deck

Vintage. High quality. Hilarious. A modern rendition of the legendary Jerry’s Nugget playing cards. Meet the Chicken Nuggets.

Security Band:
The security band is a classic but often missing feature in today’s playing cards.
We’re definitely not letting classics slipping away. We imported the material all the way from Japan. This red security band is not just identical to the original one used on on Jerry’s Nugget, it’s also a clever gimmick, making it easier to tear open the wrapping. With it, you can open the cellophane without making it out of shape.

Full, vibrant color is one of the most prominent features of Jerry’s Nugget.
We spent numerous hours trying on different colors and inks to recreate the original color chip provided by USPCC. Now, even collectors wow at the final outcome. Comes in either red and blue, or take both, for your choice.

Text Stamp:
Back in the days of Jerry’s Nugget, playing card boxes were sealed with tax stamps as opposed to stickers.
We carefully selected the paper of the same weight and texture as old tax stamp and scanned the original tax stamp to reproduce an identical one, with all the details.
You find the stamp not quite in the middle? This is exactly how it was with the original Jerry’s Nugget, and we’ve kept it that way to give you the most authentic taste.

We’ve added a few unique touch to our cards.
The 1970 version has the word “M 4924″ printed on every Ace. We made it “M 2016″ for our modern production. As for the joker, we added our marketing slogan for Chicken Nuggets:

GAFF Cards:
There are also specially designed gaff cards for each deck.
For the red deck, we’ve prepared a double back card
with the shape of chicken nuggets on one side.
For the blue deck, a 52-on-1 card, designed by me, is added in the set.
You now have all the cards, so take your pick, and work your magic.

Echoing the theme Chicken Nugget, we’ve designed twelve “hungry” face cards. This is our touch to add more fun to the game. So while you’re performing amazing magic, don’t forget to rub your bellies and remind yourself to quit junk food.