Cardistry Fanning V1 Deck

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Cardistry is one series of the most outstanding playing cards in Bocopo Playing Cards Company.

The deck can not be too splashy nor simple It just needs to be a best combination of attention-grabbing and high capability its just more of a collectors piece as the stock needs to be absolutely stunning and stands out in the best way possible And finally we made it- Cardistry playing cards

It's no wonder that Cardistry can become one of the most upscale playing cards of our time as black and purple are adopted as the major colors of the face of the card These two colors deemed as the representatives of mystery and extravagance Geometric-themed design make the deck modern and shrewed.

As noted above we hope this deck can be the best option for flourish we put much thought into the stock and finish The springy stock and pristine finish 's advantage bring benefits in all aspects of performance. United States Playing Card Company was chosen as the materials and inks they used can ensure the cards have a great snap and feel to it.

The back of the card ingeniously conflated the premium collection of the geometric and aesthetic beauty to provide the awesome visual effects when perform some tricks like fan and spin If you are a big fan of Cardistry that you just can not miss this fantastic deck.

Powerful in its simplicity and unparalleled in its design, every Cardistry Fanning playing card stands for an essential key to unlock the higher cardistry level. The playing card boxes were sealed with USPCC Stamp which is also numbered Small tips this playing card only offer 5000 decks.