Bicycle Tie Dye 1st Edition Rider Back Deck

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Bicycle Tie Dye First Edition Playing Cards

This custom deck is sold exclusively by merz67 (aka Bill Merz), and on the side of the box is his email address. Comes with two different custom jokers, a custom Ace of Spades, a custom King of Hearts, and 2 gaff cards usable for the Million Dollar Monte magic trick.

Cards feature a Tie Dye Designed Back that can be used in any standard 52 card game and even includes 2 Gaff cards to do a magic card trick called Million Dollar Monte. The jokers are a Dove and a Patriotic colored Piece Sign, there is also a a piece sign on the center of the Ace of Spades and check out the pictures, look real close at the suicide King of Hearts which normally has him holding a knife thru his head, but this deck has something different instead of the knife, Check it out, very cool. Cards measure standard poker size 2.5" x 3.5" regular index and are made with High Quality Bicycle Playing Card Stock.