Bicycle Pressers Deck

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What they say: Pulled from the 60's, this is one of Don and Roger Sterling's favorite sets of playing cards. Wrapped in an early 60's vintage design, this set is customized from the inside out and is the talk of Sterling Cooper.

This is truly the deck of playing cards that Betty will be playing bridge with as she waits for Don to come home. Order one, or a box of twelve for your friends, today!

What we say: This is a truly unique deck and a refreshing change of direction for one of the biggest magic company's in the States. Perfect for home card games, collectors and as a cool retro gift. The Pressers deck stands out from other decks available currently, and it's clear to see how much work has gone into this original piece of art. This deck is more like something you'd see from an independent designer - nice work from Ellusionist. One of our favorite decks of 2013.

Key features:
- Printed on soft luxe paper.
- Raised emboss, tailored from the inside out.
- Amazing "used" look and feel.
- An American original... glides like air​!

Print Details:
- Printed at The US Playing Card Company.
- Unknown print run (likely not 'limited').
- Unknown stock and finish.