Bicycle Paragon Deck

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A model or pattern of excellence or of a particular excellence.

We're pleased to announce this one of a kind custom designed deck. Designed by Shape Shifters playing cards and printed by the USPCC, these cards are guaranteed to mesmerize and leave you spellbound.

The Paragon Deck:
From top to bottom all artwork is 100% Unique and Custom.
The deck will be printed on quality, Bicycle® stock.
Special Limited Edition run of only 5.000 decks

The Paragon Aces

Each ace was intricatly designed from scratch and captures the essence of paragon in every detail.

A highly detailed card back echos the design on the tuck.

The court cards are immediately recognizable, but with an added 20th century twist. Paying attention to one eyed jacks and the position of all the faces, keeping the cards suitable for all your favourite games.