Bicycle Neptune Constellation Series Deck

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Product Description by Makers:
In 2015, I came across the bottleneck of my creative career, as the inspiration was exhausted and the layout of my design was rejected by me one by one. I was distressed all day. So my friend suggested not tightening my nerve too much, and trying to relax. Therefore, I selected to watch film to relax myself. When I heard the opening song of The Martian, my inspiration was burst out suddenly. Thus I embarked on the design of Mars cards.

The Constellation playing cards feature 56 custom cards printed on the classic Air-Cushion Finish. The deck displays a beautiful and mysterious of different planet in universe. Released by Bocopo Playing Cards Company and printed by USPCC These decks are guaranteed to mesmerize you.

The design of the back of the card box inspired from the nebulae, and the tone of cold or warm color came from my subjective feeling of each planet.

Each decks was sealed with a unique number, so as to make sure that it’s unique and it’s the real limited edition. The design of Ace and Joker,Face are the stretch of the front of the tuck case.