Bicycle Illusionist Light Edition Deck

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This Illusionist playing card deck is meant for illusionists and those family and friends who enjoy magic tricks. Each royalty card has custom art showing off classic illusions dating back to when magic started. Ball and cup, linking rings, playing cards, doves, fire, coin magic, and more...

Bicycle Illusionist Playing Card Deck Features:
Printed by The United States Playing Card Company
Bicycle branded
Inaugural Deck of LUX Playing Cards
Limited Edition deck.
100% completely custom designed cards, including art, pips, royalty, backs, everything.
Custom Tuck Case
Designed by artist Megan Wyreweden
56 cards including a full 52 card deck, plus 2 Jokers, a LUX First Edition ad card, and a double backed card.
Normal sized poker deck of playing cards.
Air-Cushion Finish. Also known as Magic Finish.
Printed on premium Bicycle card stock.
Inspired by magicians, illusionists, and cardists