Bicycle Federal 52 Reserve Note Deck - White

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Bicycle Branded White Reserve Note Edition Playing Cards (ONLY 4000 PRINTED)

What Jackson Robinson says: This is the fourth deck released in the Federal 52 series. Inspired by US Reserve Notes of the early 1900s, the Reserve Note deck a completely new courts set from the Federal 52, Gold Certificate and Silver Certificate.
  • Casino Bee Stock - Magic Embossed
  • Traditional Cut - Sheet Fed Heidelberg
  • 52 Cards: 2 Unique Jokers, 1 Double Back, 1 Info Card
All White Reserve Note Decks will come with an individually number holographic seal on the outside of the cellophane wrapper. The unbranded was a print-run of 4500 and the Bicycle branded 4000.

What we say: Our personal favorite from this stunning series of decks. Worth absolutely ever penny. Easy to see why this series is one of the most sought-after set of modern collectible playing cards.