Aurelian Deck

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Aurelian Playing Cards By Ellusionist

The cards are smooth-cut, fully customized with deep detail. Each fresh look uncovers a new secret. Aurelians are so intricate that specialists were hired to experiment with different weights of foil & ink to create this modern artifact.

Each courtier card has been draped in gold and fully re-worked to stand proudly with the powerful design. These faces have also been completely re-sculpted to create a timeless pip-arrangement, whilst still remaining recognisable for magic.

Exquisite detail meets historical significance. Aurelian’s custom ace is a symbol for the ‘Soldier-Emperor’. His reign, though short, was marked by bloody and glorious conquest. Gold-ink swords, whips and throwing spears drape themselves over the stunning spade. It’s the most important card in a deck, and it’s the only one with golden pips.

The Jokers are a homage to the Tally-Ho cowboys we’ve all come to love. The soldiers stand resolute, ready to defend an empire.. Or to overthrow one.

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