Artifact COPPER Coin (Half Dollar)

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The Artifact Coins were created for the coin man who desires all of the properties, beauty, and antique richness that are found in coins such as the Walking Liberty or the Barber Half dollar, without the heavy price tag associated with original antique coins

This is improved version of Artifact coins
New Copper color for color changes
Sharper edges & deeper milling for better grip

Full Overview:
Our requirements for these coins were very specific in order to attain the qualities that coin magicians covet. Every detail had to be exact, the weight, the thickness, the edges & milling, the color of metal, the darkened patina areas, the design detail, the glide, the noise... there are not many coin makers in the world who were willing to be held to such standards.

"Wow, they're amazing. " - Daniel Madison, Advocate of the Deceptive Arts

Masterfully crafted and beautifully designed.
Cast in soft metal as recommended by top coin magicians.
Low 'talk' and noise.
Smooth glide.
Edges & milling engineered to match antique, worn coins.
Highly resistant to wear, scratches and impact.
Size of US half-dollar dimensions - Weight 11.8g - Diameter 30.5 mm - Thickness 2.7mm
Size of US Dollar dimensions - Weight 26.7g - Diameter 38.8 mm - Thickness 2.7mm
"Elegant, stylish and handle like a dream." - Eric Jones, Top Coin Pro

Comes Single Coin Silver Or Copper without any instruction.