Art of Cardistry Frozen V3 Workers Edition Deck

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The Art of Cardistry ( AOC ) Deck features a contemporary design inspired by the polygon theme. It’s created specifically for Cardistry.

Cardistry has rapidly increased in popularity for the past few years and firmly believe it will become a mainstream Art form. This deck is tribute to that art, the skill and support to everyone that is interested in Cardistry & Magic. Every Single card is completely customized and redesigned after over 50 times to find the combination that is most suitable for Cardistry.

They wanted to find the perfect balance between flashiness and attention, and after many tests this is it. For the face cards, They created a jewel effect that allows for the best visual performances. The vibrant mix of colors and shades will guarantee stun your audience before you even start your first move. For the Ace of Spade, they wanted to have a more colorful variation with the blue shades this deck revolves around. Try looking at it under different lighting and different angles and you’ll find yourself loving it more. The crown joker is the perfect consistence of shape and color. The three tips represent quality, price, and design, all of which are second to no other deck. They want cardists who use Bocopo decks to feel this is their best deck.