1001 Aladdin Smooth Finish Deck - BLUE

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Aladdin 1001 BLUE Smooth Finish Playing Cards

The white borders and standard index make these an ideal card for card magicians. These cards also have a SMOOTH finish.

These are FACTORY FRESH cards, in sealed boxes, never opened or used. They are made in the USA by US Playing Card Co., so you know the quality is superb!

Sold in Singapore through the “National Card Company Division”.
This deck is considered quite rare in the United States and United Kingdom.
Manufactured to withstand the high temperatures and constant precipitation of the Singaporean climate.
The finish on the smooth version is incredibly smooth, with a wonderful snap to them.
The embossed finish is a little different and more like the standard Bicycles (the Aladdin box says Air-Cushion).
Feeling like plastic, but acting like paper makes the Aladdin's unique.
They withstand the heat and sweat from performing hands very well, making them ideal for both magicians and poker players alike.

The deck also includes 4 jokers and has a unique back design with a vintage feel to the Ace Of Spades