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Zig Zag Card (Cut & Restore) Trick

Zig Zag Card (Cut & Restore) Trick

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Ever since Robert Harbin introduced the Zig Zag Lady to the magic fraternity, there has been a craze for Zig Zag effects. Over the years we have seen Zig Zag Pencils, Cigarettes, Cards etc.

We have sold several varieties of Zig Zag Cards ourselves, made of Board, Sunmica etc. We have now got a pocket model of the Zig Zag Card, beautifully designed in Plastic. This uses a poker size Bicycle Playing Card, allowing you to have the card apparently selected from your own Bicycle deck, and is very smooth and trouble free in operation. It can be safely carried in your pocket.

The effect is that a Playing Card is introduced into a cut out plastic frame. It is clearly visible as it is inserted into the frame through the cut outs on the top, middle and bottom of the frame. The center of the card is now pushed out, so that the card is cut in a Zig Zag manner. An incredible illusion, only possible if the card was cut into three pieces. And you can see right through where the middle of the card should be. The performer pushes back the center and removes the card. And it is found to be perfectly intact without any cut, or damage. The plastic model will not jam or wrinkle, and crease or warp like the board models. What you get is a first rate prop for a first rate item.

Highly recommended for beginner of Pro, and you can do it right away.

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