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Virtuoso The Virts V5 Fall/Winter 2017 Edition Deck

Virtuoso The Virts V5 Fall/Winter 2017 Edition Deck

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Virtuoso FW17 Limited Edition Playing Cards
Taking Adaptive Aesthetics to the next level, the brand new multi-faceted design forms fluid yet rhythmic patterns in spreads and displays… and paints the air with incredibly expressive movements across countless other moves from cuts to cascades. Beneath its surface, the deck’s thinner yet snappier stock also makes for the most addictive Cardistry experience we’ve ever crafted. Basically, the best deck for Cardistry just got even better.

The FW17 Virtuoso deck features double wraparound stripes with dual tones for delicious fanning. With the new multi-faceted design, your springs connect more fluidly in three-dimensional space, all while maintaining a beautiful rhythm across the deck. Indeed, it’s the only deck in the world that makes ALL your card flourishes immediately look that much better. Complementing the deck’s edge-to-edge back design, the new shards allow for fluid yet rhythmic patterns, creating a beautiful balance between seamlessness and separation when you spread the cards. Basically, your fans instantly look bigger, bolder, and better.

The cards even appear to change color depending on which direction you fan them, and form different patterns depending on the number of cards you use. Basically, it’s the best Virtuoso deck by far.

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