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Vanishing Pencil Gimmick

Vanishing Pencil Gimmick

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Pocket Magic at its finest! Vanish or transform a pencil right in their hands!

You show a beautiful color anodized brass tube with polished ends and red matte finish normally reserved for the finest pens. (Colors may vary). The tube is 100% empty. Show a pencil - IT REALLY WRITES, and drop it into the tube. Cap the tube and give it to your volunteer to hold.

With a magic pass, the VOLUNTEER removes the cap and finds the pencil has VANISHED. They can examine the tube but will find nothing!

BUT that's not all - Instead of vanishing the pencil, you can transform & shrink it to a different color pencil (supplied) OR how about making the pencil change to confetti, salt, sand or sawdust? (Magic termites)

- Easy to do
- Tube measures approximately 6" long.
- Polished brass cap and tube end with an elegant matte red finish is joy to hold in your hand. Others sell uncoated brass,
which is much harder to keep clean.
- Supplied with tube, two pencils, brass cap, instructions and more!

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