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Vanishing Cola Bottle

Vanishing Cola Bottle

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You make a Full bottle of Cola INSTANTLY DISAPPEAR !!

It's the real thing- really GONE !!

A full 8-ounce size bottle containing liquid (it can be seen splashing about) is covered with a tube that only covers the top half of the bottle. Telling the audience you're going to make it vanish, you cover it with a cloth. But when uncovered, it's still there!

Then without covering it & saying the magic word "ABRACADABRA" which you forgot the first time, you push down the half tube & the BOTTLE VANISHES -- LIQUID & ALL!

The label on the bottle is made of fabric and will not tear when the bottle is folded. They may crease if the bottle is crushed, but can be easily straightened out.

We Supply special bottle and tube. So easy to do you'll do it as soon as you get it!

NOTE: Use your own handkerchief (silk).

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