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Time Trapper Clock 2.0

Time Trapper Clock 2.0

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This is a brilliant effect for a closeup, walkarounds, or even for a small stage.

A magician holds a prophecy envelope in their hand as they ask one of the spectators to name any full hour. The envelope is opened to reveal a photo frame holding a photograph of a clock. Upon closer examination, it is discovered that the clock indicates the hour freely chosen by the spectator.

In the envelope, there is a photo frame with an image of a clock that has been photographed earlier. The magician takes out the frame and show the image to the audience. The clock indicates the hour that was called by the spectator.

The mystery and impossibility of this effect (sometimes known as Frozen in Time 2.1) is enhanced by the fact that the prop can be fully examined by the spectators. It's also remarkably elegant and luxurious thanks to the beautiful acrylic frame.
- easy to do
- instant reset
- pocket size
- always ready to perform

Comes ready to work on basic video instructions

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